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Frequently Asked Questions

What points am I facing for any ticket?

Please click here for information sheets for the insurance “points” and increased insurance costs of some typical traffic tickets.

Is this law office experienced in Cumberland County Criminal Courtrooms?
Boose Law Offices – two former Assistant District Attorneys in Cumberland County and over 25 years experience as a Cumberland County criminal defense lawyer.

Can I talk to a lawyer about my case for free?
Boose Law Offices – YES,  FREE Office appointments and FREE phone appointments.

Can I set up a payment plan?
Boose Law Offices – YES, payment plans and VISA and MASTERCARD are accepted.

How much will it cost to hire the lawyer?
Boose Law Offices – A fee sheet for standard tickets will be stated to you by calling Boose Law Offices at 486-9292.
Will I have to miss work, school, etc. to go to court?
Boose Law Offices – NO, We have a “waiver of appearance” form that will usually allow us to proceed with your case while you go to work, school, etc.

Can my attorney keep “points” off my license?
Boose Law Offices – our goal is to get your ticket dismissed.  If we cannot get it dismissed, our next priority is to have the charges reduced.  For over 25 years, Boose Law Offices has been able to eliminate and / or reduce points in a majority of the clients’ cases.

How is Michael Boose rated by other attorneys and the public?
Named to “NC Super Lawyers,” (selected by NC Attorneys through private peer review), 3 times voted as a Top 3 Attorney in Fayetteville, Cumberland County in Up and Coming Magazine.

On many tickets, you will be given a first court date to go to “TAC” (Traffic Administrative Court) at 8:00 a.m. on Friday mornings.  This is an opportunity for you to plead guilty to a charge after a discussion between you and the prosecutor.  Remember, the prosecutor is a licensed attorney that is trained to convict you, not defend you.  Although many of them are very nice people away from the courtroom, it is their job to convict you.  They do not represent you, they represent the State of North Carolina. 

After reviewing all of the “offers”, I recommend that you select 2 or 3 lawyers and call them and ask questions about your case. Then, hire the attorney that you believe will provide the services that you are looking for at a reasonable fee. 

Whether you choose us or not, best of luck with your case, and remember, at Boose Law Offices, it’s . . . .“Not just business . . . . . it’s personal”

How many points are charged to driving convictions and accidents?

How much will the points against my driver’s license cost me?

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